Jiangyin Xinkete Composite Material Technology Co.,Ltd

Jiangyin xinkete composite material technology co., LTD., is located in Wuxi, one of the most important economic heavyweights of the Yangzi River Delta. We are factory of various kinds of Roll Out  PVC Vinyl Floorings.

Hot Products

    • Plastic Dancing Room Floor

      Plastic Dancing Room Floor

      Plastic Dancing Room Floor is a kind of soft polyvinyl chloride ground board, which is professional developed with a certain buffer effect according to the characteristics of art dance. It has the characteristics of not astringent, not slippery, moderate elasticity, smooth astringent moderate, which is conducive to buffering the impact force in the movement, and easy to clean and maintain.

    • Pvc Dancing Flooring

      Pvc Dancing Flooring

      vinyl floor PVC Sport Flooring dance flooring