Non-slip Flooring

- Mar 01, 2018-

Non-slip Flooring

Material Composition:

High-quality PVC (flexible, protect the bottom floor);

All over alumina (main non-slip material);

The surface contains sic (irregular composition, abrasion resistance);

Back mesh fiberglass (ensure shape stability).

Security principle:

The ground is smooth when not walking on it;

When walking, the pressure of the foot makes the sand rise to produce friction and skid.

Basic Features:

1. Non-slip (SAFE);

2. Easy to clean (health);

3. Abrasion resistance (durable);

3. Anti-bacteria.

Applicable places:

Used in places with high flow of people, also in damp or greasy places, such as food factories, chemical plants, laboratories, bathing rooms/toilets, banquet halls, walkways, ramps, kitchens, bars, schools, hospitals, restaurants, changing rooms, shops, sports centres