Rubber tile Technology and advantages

- Mar 02, 2018-

The rubber floor tile is composed of two layers of different density material, the color surface layer uses the fine rubber powder or the fine rubber silk and passes through the special craft coloring, the bottom is uses the coarse rubber powder or the rubber grain, the rubber silk makes. The product overcomes a variety of hard ground and floor tile shortcomings, allowing users to walk and activities always in a safe and comfortable physical and psychological state, feet feel comfortable, physical and mental relaxation. The use of this product to lay the sports venues, not only to better play the skills of the athletes, but also can jump and equipment, such as the movement of the human body caused by the harm to a minimum. The laying of this product in the old age and the children's activity place can protect the safety of the old and the child. Its biggest characteristics are non-slip, shock absorption, wear-resistant, anti-static, not back to light, hydrophobic, weatherability good, anti-aging, long life.