Comparison Between PVC Plastic Moving Floor And Solid Wood Flooring

- Mar 02, 2018-

Scope of application

PVC Plastic Sports floor is the international formal competition, including basketball, the best choice of all ball games venues, internationally recognized badminton, table tennis, volleyball, handball and other sports venues are generally used PVC plastic sports floor. Compared with the solid wood sports floor, PVC plastic sports flooring has better safety, damping and rebound performance. The use of solid wood flooring is relatively narrow.

In addition, the solid wood sports flooring installation is more complex, also can not meet the needs of customers to do mobile venues. and PVC plastic Sports flooring easy to install, which can move the movement of the floor can also meet customers to do mobile venues this special needs.

Motion Performance

PVC plastic Sports floor compared with the solid wood sports floor has a more superior performance, mainly reflected in the following aspects:


Generally speaking, sports floor comfort from high to low in turn: PVC plastic Sports floor-Acrylic (polyurethane) movement floor-rubber flooring-solid wood flooring. Visible, PVC plastic sports floor comfort is the best!

Tremor--point tremor and regional tremor

Regional tremor refers to the floor by impact and deformation of the range, the greater the tremor range is more likely to cause fractures, solid wood movement floor tremor is a typical regional tremor. PVC plastic Sports floor because of the use of airtight honeycomb structure, its tremor range is small, belonging to the point tremor, the maximum protection of the athlete's body.