Moving Floor Installation

- Mar 02, 2018-

Mobile Installation

Between the floor and the floor with the manufacturer's special connection with the adhesive into one, the floor and the floor is not adhered to, you can arbitrarily PVC plastic sports floor roll up or move away, easy to move.

Fixed installation

1. Semi-stationary: special double-sided tape, the floor and the floor with the manufacturer of special double-sided tape belt adhesive into one, while the floor and the ground is also connected to the bonding, can effectively prevent the floor due to the strenuous movement of movement, open seam, but also facilitate the future because of the need to do the whole site move.

2. Local bonding: On the ground to the edge of the floor as the benchmark to the internal brush 20cm adhesive bonding.

3. Full adhesive Bonding: In the upcoming laying of all the surface of the brush adhesive bonding.