Sports Floor Advantage

- Mar 01, 2018-

1. products for a wide range of color: according to customer order the production of professional badminton products. Table tennis venue. Basketball courts. Tennis courts. Volleyball venue. Gym. Cultural activities center site. Style training centres in plastic plastic ground. Sports activity center plastic field. The youth activity center. Union activity room plastic plastic ground multiple patterns and multiple sites...... fitness activities. Sports venues sports flooring

2. stability

The structure of sports flooring product is reinforced by 1000D glass fiber reinforcement mesh and special mesh fabric reinforcement layer, which ensures the stability and firmness of the product during the movement and plays an automatic reinforcement role.

3. firmness

The floor of the sports floor foam layer is laid on the bottom, and the reasonable weight can be laid out on the ground. Combined with the artificial roller, the air between the floor and the ground is discharged, forming a relative vacuum state. It has more adhesion and is more stable during movement.

4. comfort

The surface of the sports floor is treated with special treatment, which is consistent with the brightness of the lights. It will not absorb light and reflect the eyes. It can better protect the eyes of athletes, and it is not easy to produce fatigue. The total thickness is 4.5mm, and the appropriate foam bottom is the buffer layer, which makes it more shock-absorbing and rebound. To effectively alleviate the leg impact force, athlete's foot feeling comfortable, better avoid sports injury, improve the level of athletes to play.

5. durability and wear resistance

The sports floor adopts 100% pure PVC high-quality materials, the surface layer is processed by the special high environmental protection high-tech material TPU technology, and has the best durability and abrasion resistance, thus increasing the service life of the floor.

6. easy maintenance

The surface of the sports floor (especially the surface with special high-tech TPU treatment) has the ability to exclude the external pollution, such as surface pollution, and clean it with clean mops and clear water. The key dirty can be cleaned with neutral detergent. Single hole closed PVC shading after acerbity, waterproof, mildew, antibacterial treatment, so that the product itself has a self protective barrier, thereby enhancing the self discharge function of products!

7. excellent noise reduction effects (reducing 25db/28db)

The floor thickness of the moving floor standard, plus the suitable rebound and reasonable shock absorbability, has the function of sound absorption in the movement, and the sound insulation effect is good.