The Cost Performance Of PVC Plastic Floor

- Mar 02, 2018-

PVC plastic sports floor has a higher cost performance. The real professional solid wood sports floor is expensive, because the floor material quality is different and the structure is different, so the price of moving wood flooring is also quite different. Generally, it can be roughly divided into three grades: high, medium and low. The high-end sports flooring is generally used in North American maple wood as the surface floor, the price of 1000 yuan / square meters; sports flooring mid-range generally used maple wood as the surface floor price of 600 yuan / square meters; low is the use of oak wood composite or laminate flooring as the surface floor price at 350 yuan / square meters. Taking a standard basketball court 800 square meters as an example, the total cost is about 500 thousand yuan if the middle grade sports wood floor is selected. So many now want to use professional sports flooring user selected ordinary wood floors, and ordinary wood flooring has the advantages of simple structure, does not have the characteristics of sports flooring (impact absorption, resonance absorption, coefficient of friction, elasticity and rolling composite etc.), which fundamentally increase the risk of injured athletes. Provide a better choice for PVC plastic sports flooring is undoubtedly for the majority of users, but also the fundamental solution to the athletes in the domestic market of domestic menace from the rear, the more popular sports floor, the price of about 50~250 yuan / square meters, the quality of imported brands of sports flooring is very good, but the price is very high, basically in 150 yuan / square meters.