Rubber Tiles Playground

Type : Rubber brick Size : 1000mm*1000mm 500mm*500mm or customized. Thickness : 15~50mm Material : SBR EPDM Color : Black, red, brown, with colorful sparks etc, any color can be customized. Certification : CE, ISO9001 Usage : Outdoor playground,Gym, Garage, heavy duty area,Cross fit/Fitness...

Product Details

Basic Info

Product Name:Rubber Tiles Playground

Type:Rubber brick

Size:1000mm*1000mm 500mm*500mm or customized.


Material:SBR EPDM

Color:Black,red,brown, with colorful sparksetc,anycolorcanbecustomized.


Usage:Outdoor playground,Gym, Garage, heavy duty area,Crossfit/Fitness centre, sportcourt

Advantage:Anti-slip, anti-shock, easy to install and maintain, wear resistance


Rubber Tiles Playground is a subdivision of school supplies, mainly used in kindergarten toys, school playground, sports equipment, recreation facilities, parks, gymnasiums, villas and other ground laying, used to increase the flexibility of the surface, safety, beauty and comfort.


Unique water permeability, rapid absorption and excretion of water, keeping the floor dry fast.

Sound-absorbing, sound insulation, anti-sound and anti-shock effects.

Insulative and antistatic function.

Soft flexible , slip-proof, wear-resistant, and climatic-tolerant.

Reliable safety protection, minimizing the possibility of injure when falling down.

Nontoxic, environmental-friendly and sanitary satisfied.

Easy to clean, with simply water rinse or other cleaning equipment.

Rubber Tiles Playground is easy and quick to pave.

Available of replacement and repeated usage.

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