Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat


Product Details



100% POLYVINYL CHLORIDE with glass fiber fabric


<1000 ppm


1.8/2.0 MM X 1.55M, even up to 20mm as per your requests

Weight (square yard)

37.1 oz

Stain Resistance

Pass CPSD-HL-01015-MTHD

Abrasion Resistance

500,000+ Cycles

Weathering Resistance


Cold Crack


Mildew Resistance

Pass  AATCC30-04 Test 3


Pass AATCC 147 / CFFA-300

Fire Retardancy

Pass 16 CFR 1630(FF1-70)


15.6 ppm

ColorFastness to light

Pass AATCC 16.3

ColorFastness to crocking

Pass AATCC 165

ColorFastness to water

Pass AATCC 107

About anti-fatigue
   Standing on a hard surface for a long time can cause serious illnesses such as varicose veins and other circulation problems. These conditions may be irreversible and can cause pain to the patient.
   Standing for a long time can cause discomfort to the feet, legs and back. t can even lead to stiff neck and shoulders. Prolonged stay is one of the most common causes of physical fatigue.
   Nature wants muscles and veins to work together during expansion and contraction.
   When the calf muscles contract, they press the veins next to them and the blood is pushed up to the heart.

About anti-fatigue mat
    The anti-fatigue pad helps to promote regular movement because the foot naturally adapts to the cushioning surface of the mat. Muscle contact and dilation movements are very subtle, but are sufficient to reduce, and in some cases prevent, the health risks associated with increasing blood flow and helping oxygen reach the heart.
    Increased comfort by installing anti-fatigue pads helps increase attention, reduce the likelihood of accidents, and help increase productivity
    Back pain is a huge problem for employers and is very painful for the patient. Scientific research conducted by a famous university has confirmed that the use of mats has a beneficial effect on the posture comfort of long-standing people compared to standing on concrete.