Kitchen Mat

Product Details


With beautiful design and color, our Kitchen Mat is used to make the kitchen oil-proof, water-proof, skin-friendly and comfortable, which can effectively absorb water and prevent sliding to create a wonderful and comfortable kitchen space.


-High-tech green environmental protection, non-toxic formula, high temperature and low temperature resistance. Compact surface, no reflection, no fading, easy to wash.

-Oil stains are easy to clean: Tailored for the problem of heavy oil smoke in Chinese kitchen, it uses high integrated hair molding technology, making oil stains can be kept as clean as new by only gently wiping.

-Prevent slipping: PVC one body molding base, unique texture with slight bump texture increase the friction at the bottom, fundamentally avoid you slip at the same time, but also avoid the floor gouge.

-Well multi-purpose: it not only can be used in the kitchen but also can be used in bedroom bedside, balcony, sliding door before..



Indoor and outdoor vinyl floor rug/ mat/ carpet


100% POLYVINYL CHLORIDE with glass fiber fabric


<1000 ppm


1.8/2.0 MM X 1.55M, even up to 20mm as per your requests

Weight (square yard)

37.1 oz

Stain Resistance

Pass CPSD-HL-01015-MTHD

Abrasion Resistance

500,000+ Cycles

Weathering Resistance


Cold Crack


Mildew Resistance

Pass  AATCC30-04 Test 3


Pass AATCC 147 / CFFA-300

Fire Retardancy

Pass 16 CFR 1630(FF1-70)


15.6 ppm

ColorFastness to light

Pass AATCC 16.3

ColorFastness to crocking

Pass AATCC 165

ColorFastness to water

Pass AATCC 107

Available sizes

2ft*3ft --- 61 * 91.5 cm

3ft*5ft --- 91.5 * 152.4 cm

4ft*6ft --- 121.9 * 183 cm

5ft*8ft --- 152.4 * 243.8 cm

2.5ft*8ft --- 76.2 * 243.8 cm

Special sizes could be customized